Ponencias realizadas

  1. International Conference on Engineering, Medical Science, Management and Environmental Studies (EMSMES) 2018. Track Security Information. Coimbatore – India
  2. SVIT-ICEEMAS International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, & Applied Science. Track Security and Privacy: Svit and National Taiwan University in  Hyderabad – India.
  3. The 21st conference of the Open Innovations Association FRUCT. Track Security and Privacy. Helsinki-University in Helsinki-Finlandia.
  4. The 21st conference of the Open Innovations Association FRUCT . Track  Development and Data Management II and Security and Privacy. Helsinki-University in Helsinki-Finlandia.
  5. Second International Conference on Modern Tecnologies in Engineering and Cience (ICMTES) 2017. Track Computer Engineering”. Medwell Special Issue on Modern Technologies in Engineering & Applied Science. In Knewton Institute of Research in Engineering and Technology. Pakistan.
  6. International Conference on Energy, Communication, Data Analytics and Soft Computing (ICECDS-2017). Track  Advanced Data Analysis, WAN/LAN, Soft Computing for Database Deadlock Resolution.  SKR Engineering College. Chennai-India
  7. The 2017 International Conference on Computer, Information and Telecommunication Systems Track Database and data warehouses; Authentication and access control; Computer and communication securityDalian University of Technology – China.
  8. International Conference on Advanced Material Technologies (ICAMT)-2016. Track Algorithmic advancement in computer security in Visakhapatnam –  India.
  9. 7th. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research “Tracks “Computer Science & Communications” in  Dubai, United Arab Emirates .
  10. IEEE Second International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2 2016). Track. Security and Privacy. .University of Trento – Italy
  11. International Conference Processing of Materials, Minerals and Energy Special Section “Computer Science/Networking”  Ongole, Prakasam District, Andhra Predesh, India.
  12. Internacional Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT)-2016. Track  Security and Privacy. Chennai – India.
  13. POSTER Algorithm and protocol securtiy for civil regitration of Ecuador First IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2-2015). Track. Security and Privacy .Realizado en Guadalajara – México.
  14. I Congreso Internacional de Investigación en Desarrollo Local y Emprendimiento Socioeconómico Sostenible y Sustentable. Pista. Tecnologías de la información.  Guayaquil – Ecuador
  15. 1ra Jornada de Invesigación FCA. UG. Pista. Tecnologías de la información.  Guayaquil – Ecuador
  16. Conferencia en la Universidad Laica Vicente Rocafuerte de Guayaquil. Pista. Tecnologías de la información. . Ecuador

Docente de la Universidad Politécnica Salesiana